Thursday, July 9, 2009

News : Command & Conquer 4 Q&A - Exclusive First Details 2009

As you may have recently read in our retrospective story, the Command & Conquer series has been around for nearly 15 years. Nearly 15 years of harvesting resources, building up bases, and churning out squadrons of tanks to crush the enemy. Nearly 15 years of live-action cinematic cutscenes with Hollywood talent hollering and yelling during mission briefings. And now, the series that began with two factions, an energy-rich crystal substance, and a commando with "a present for ya" will come to a close with Command & Conquer 4--the final chapter of the Tiberium saga. You know the saga--the war between the "good guy" Global Defense Initiative and the "bad guy" Brotherhood of Nod. Yet EA plans to have the series go out with a bang because C&C4 will offer a ton of new stuff to play with, including co-op campaigns, a new class-based game system, persistent experience points, mobile bases, and five-on-five multiplayer. Designer, storywriter, and campaign lead Samuel Bass explains these new features and confirms that the game will have no digital rights management software. He also confirms that, yes, Joe Kucan, the actor/director who plays Kane will return and that although the saga is ending...we may not have seen the last of Tiberium.

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